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Svetlana Travis Mental Health Counselling and Individual Therapy Group

Svetlana Travis is a Clinical Psychologist who has devoted her path to helping clients overcome anxiety, anger, depression, toxic relationships, marital conflict, trauma and abusive relationships. She provides direct services and concierge-style care to male and female adults, adolescents, and their families.

Through relationship counseling and highly specialized relationship therapy and marriage counseling, clients can achieve a higher quality of life with life coaching in a strictly confidential and non-judgmental environment. In doing so, clients will have the opportunity to discover inner strengths and develop effective coping skills. Svetlana Travis provides the guidance and support necessary to help clients overcome addiction, trauma, or abuse that has occurred within a personal or professional relationship. Clients will receive help with premarital counseling, depression, anger management, PTSD, marriage counseling, divorce counseling or relationship addiction treatment.


By contacting me, you will receive qualified psychological help online or by phone.

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