Opportunities for working as a psychologist

Your World is perceived as meaningless, your own existence is worthless, and your future is hopeless. You no longer feel your wholeness, you are only partially alive. You are drawn back to what was before…

You notice:

  • Only loss continues to determine the mood of life;
  • Despair over a loss that is not accepted;
  • Longing for the old life is combined with the inability to experience even short-term joy;
  • Your own desires cease to be felt.

Factors contributing to complicated grieving:

  1. Unfinished business of the one who lost, with the one who lost.
  2. External circumstances that overload someone’s ability to grieve.
  3. Unresolved past losses.
  4. The Emotional system that can not withstand parting (violation of separation processes).
  5. The more we depended on the deceased.
  6. The more they needed it to maintain their self-esteem , the harder it was to break up.
  7. Unresolved past losses.
  8. Losses not experienced in the past complicate the process of grieving in the present.

The timely help of a psychologist will help you or your loved ones to pass the stage of grief and loss .

Recommended literature:

– V. Volkan, E. Zintl Life after loss. The psychology of mourning.
– V.Kast Grieving. Phases and possibilities of the psychological process.

We recommend it: family psychologist; psychological help.