There are 2 types of inappropriate behaviour – Deliqunt behavior and Deviant behavior. The difference is that Deliquent behavior is punishable by law, and Deviant is not. Examples of Deviant behaviours are next: early smoking, early alcohol consumption, early sex, agression… when Deliquent behavior is rape, robbery, terrorism and so on.
In this article I would like to discuss why people decide to use these types of behaviors.

Usually it starts to form during childhood, when the kids are either overprotected by their parents, or vise versa, or have many conflicts with significant adults. Actually, a child does not want to use these types of behaviors, but when using it they say by it «trust me more» or «pay more attention to me because I feel forgotten» – there are many reasons why.

  • disturbance in care and affection
  • physical/psychological cruelty
  • death of parents
  • weak personal borders while growing up, thinking everything is allowed

Why teens/adults are doing this?

  • greed
  • when behaving this way they try to look better in other’s eyes «I hit him in order to show others he is not right!»
  • thinking the person is free and he can do whatever and not think about concequenses
  • when emotionally wired and this would «feel appropriate»
  • a resentment that asks for fulfillment
  • greed that asks for fulfillment (I’ll take his phone, he did not buy it anyways!)
  • cold relationships with others
  • fantasies of personal power

The difference between us (normal people) and those who used Deliquent behaviour in their life in order to achieve things they wanted is that we could find a compromise behavior and just live through it but those who could not used such behaviors.