If your behavior deviates from the expected and normal, you may have Borderline Personality Disorder (hereinafter referred to as PRL). You have PRL, in 5 out of 9 deviations.

  • in the cognitive sphere. distortion of the interpretation of objects, people and events, distortion of the images of “I” and “Others”
  • inappropriate emotionality; intensity and adequacy of emotional reactions
  • harmful impulsive behavior
  • a sense of one’s own uselessness and imperfections

The causes of PRL are: hereditary predisposition, upbringing in a family with unstable relationships, abuse, neglect in childhood, an unstable figure of an “Adult”, as well as a number of mental illnesses, such as Bi-polar disorder and schizophrenia, but I appeal to those who do not have these diagnoses.


Borderline Personality does not know how to build relationships. She can instantly break off a long-standing friendship if she feels rejected. Her attitude depends on the last meeting, as if she does not see the whole picture, and does not draw the right conclusions. Outbursts of anger, rage, dependence on alcohol/drugs/sick relationships, distortion of the perception of one’s own “I”, poorly developed or unstable image of one’s own” I”, often exaggerated-self – critical, intolerance, capriciousness-all these are symptoms and signs of PRL.

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