When Harvey -Pig- Weinshtein, was first accused of sexual harassment, Cyrus Vince, a Manhattan DA who also did not want to prosecute his friend – Eliot – Rapist – Spitzer in my case, got away with it. He continued to be a powerful mogul of Hollywood who was “wrongly accused”.

In 2020 when Pig was finally sentenced to 23 years in prison, his lawyer, Donna-Bender said it was a mutual agreement from both sides to have sexual relationships with one another.

I have a few questions to Bender, Pig, Monster and Vince.

Fist, I want to address my questions to Bender – would you like to have sexual relationships of ANY kind with your client? If the Pig would address ANY romantic moves towards you, would you agree to even have lunch with IT? If your daughter’s boyfriend would be seduced by somebody as the PIG, how would you react?

Next, my questions to Vince – how many more “friends” do you have in your circles? Can you tell us about all of them?

And the last question is going to the PIG, well, he will not read this anyways, however, I am asking not only him – do you guys think about consequences when you do horrible crimes or money and little power seduce you so much as it did to Spitzer, Weinshtein and the rest?

I can say that only a WOMAN can decide whether or not she is flirting back; whether or not She wants to have further sexual relations with him and if he looks like PIG/ Spitzer/ Vince/ Cuomo, a woman who was not diagnosed with dementia or another mental illness, would answer “No”, and the guy if makes another attempt of FLIRTING will be prosecuted with sexual harassment charges.