It’s sad that living throughout your long life everyone would remember you as just Rapist’s wife, or by the scandal that broke news in 2008 when your husband found cheating on you with… somebody younger, hotter, more feminine and beautiful woman, such as Ashley Dupree. As being interested in criminal psychology, I was wondered why women stay with rapists? And how they do not notice their obvious Deliquent behavior while living with them side-to-side?

A wife of a rapist. Part I: How to meet a rapist and create a family with him?

As a professional psychologist, I can suggest that one of the reasons Silda Wall Spitzer did not notice the things that were going in her family is lack of intuition she had stolen from herself in her 20s when she decided to pursue a career in law. «Slilda had been interested in art, but decided that she cannot make her parents pay for this kind of education and pursued a career in law.»-her friend stated

For each person it’s very important that we stay happy and resourced and pursue our dreams, however Silda decided she is not «good enough» for doing what she wants and to have life she deserves. Starting from college degree, finishing her major life choices. 

Just imagine yourself being 20 something and pursuing a degree at Harvard’s campus, then meeting a greek young son of a billionaire and marry him? Silda, your life once was like a dream, yes. However a month later she was left alone as the boy’s mother protested that Silda was not Greek 

«In her second year at Harvard Law School, she married – then quickly divorced after 29 days,– a fellow student and Rhodes scholar.

She married knot with Peter Spiro Stamos on June 26, 1982. “Irreconcilable differences have arisen between the parties,” says their no-fault divorce agreement filed in Ventura County, Calif., in August 1983.

A close friend from Silda’s hometown said that the two parted ways because Stamos’ traditional Greek family frowned upon him marrying an outsider.

“He was a mama’s boy and his mother didn’t approve of the marriage because she wasn’t Greek. That was a very important part of his life,” said a high-school friend of Silda’s.

“It was a big wedding and then it was over.” The split was not complex. Peter agreed to pay Silda’s $350 attorney fees, and return some clothes and books she had left at his home in Oxford, England.

“It was really quick, but it was sad and I know she was a wonderful girl,” said a relative of Stamos who did not want to be identified by name.

Stamos, a former Democratic fund-raiser and a chief of staff to then-Sen. Bill Bradley of New Jersey, now runs Sterling Stamos, a $3 billion money-management firm.

Sick & Tired.

Broken after previous relationships just a few months after she got divorced (late August) she met Rapist at the ski party in Vermont. (December) Imagine yourself after such an ugly divorce? Being dropped out and used after just 29 days by a guy who covered his lack of interest in her by looking like he is mamma’s boy and mamma ruled his decision? It would make me laugh if she believed in his lies, but as I see later, Silda is so blind and would believe in anything jin order to have that «good girl» appearance.

In my professional career for 3+ years I had not met a woman who would feel at least «ok» after 3 months of divorce even if the marriage was short. Women tend to recover at least a year and not to pursue a serious relationships right away. By pursuing a relationships with the Monster Spitzer, being sick and tired from her loneliness, negative feelings and state of mind, she decided to proof her ex despite his decision in their divorce that she is

1) interested in other guys

2) other guys are interested in her 

3) found a serious replacement as quickly as a few months (means she is not a one-night stand!) Yay!

Proved to herself, her family, her ex, his family she was lost in making sober decisions – is it love or am I still proving? Am I just «eating whatever is served or I have a choice?» Without thinking too much and having other alternatives, she agreed to marry the Monster, named Eliot Spitzer.

Part II: So badly urging to stay the first lady of New York!

It looked like just 21 years after their marriage in 1987, (and being in a relationships for 24 years) having poor coping skills as a governor and dealing with a lot of stress on daily basis, Eliot Spitzer got caught with an… escort. His friends like Lloyd Constantine even thought of a coming-out strategy of making him a sex addict and putting him into a rehab in order for Spitzer (and them) to save their posts and for his then wife, Silda save her First Lady title.(yes, not JOBs as a JOB means working but a POST means making appearance while stealing people’s money with a good face)

«Journal of the Plague Year is Constantine’s intimate account of the 17 calamitous months preceding the March 2008 revelation and the futile 61 hour battle waged by the author and the governor’s wife to persuade Spitzer not to resign, but to instead fulfill promises made to the voters who had elected him in a record landslide.»

«Spitzer began his association with the Emperor’s Club about eight months ago and had at least half a dozen sexual encounters, the Times reported Tuesday.

Spitzer also arranged encounters with prostitutes in Dallas and Florida and sometimes hired more than one woman during longer out-of-town trips, the Times reported.»

Still brave Silda didn’t bury herself in a self-pity and encouraged, encouraged, encouraged the Monster…

It looks to me the main reason for her «61 hour battle to persuade Spitzer not to resign» was not shame and fear of public condemnation, as a person who would feel that would certainly behave this way, but the urge for greed, money, and title that comes with it. The woman considered herself so dirty that she actually supported the criminal. The kids’ future didn’t bother her at that moment, her own life, too. Just to save the wanting title and to be one day the first lady of the USA! Yay! Nope, actually.

It disgusts me how miserable Silda is. She played a role of charity - making good-harted woman and during the most soaring time of her family she put her interests first. Not preparing their 3 kids for the sudden news, no, but urging her husband to save the Post.

«A poll conducted Wednesday for several New York television stations found 65 per cent believe he should face criminal charges.» However no criminal charges were made over this obvious criminal behaviour. 

I tried to find her best photos while writing this article but so far these are the best from what I found

Horse looking teeth&hair; lack of style (nowehere in classic style so much loved by the Horse, women wore jewellery on top of the clothing. It's considered bad taste)  Also considered bad taste is dirty clothing as Silda wears from time to time. 

«What matters to her now is family—of course—but also the work she began twelve years ago with Children for Children, a thriving nonprofit agency that encourages children to engage in volunteer service, an idea hatched after she witnessed the excessive parties her children attended while growing up on Manhattan’s Upper East Side. Unwittingly, she stumbled on one of those neat incidences of unintended consequences—young people who volunteer are more likely to perform better academically, finish school, and go on to lead productive lives.» Vogue

Upon searching at least one photo of her 3 kids they share with Rapist, if they were engaged in volunteering, I couldn’t find it. Probably they were already voluntering as much as to making their hard way to Harvard. Not Spritzers connections, obviously.

Opening a charity is just another popular thing if you are pursuing a career in Politics. A woman with money and «great heart» would create a non profit charity for KIDS! Which surprisingly stopped working soon after Spitzer got dropped her with divorce in 2013 after she no longer needed as a cover wife of next City Comptroller = means no political titles for her = means she can close the damn non-profit = means fuck children!

«When I ask Silda about Wall Street’s enmity toward her husband, I see a flash of the steel underneath the magnolia. “Eliot tried with every fiber of his being to prevent something like what is happening now on Wall Street. I am very proud of my whole name, and I feel that my whole family has tried very, very hard to serve the best interests of this state and this country.”-Vogue magazine

Of course, they are trying so very hard that she actually is not aware of Dr. Morses’ case?

I thought «But may be the sick-minded lady did not bother herself reading «fake news»? May be she was not interested in what they write about her beloved Spitzer?» Simply because not everyone is reading the papers, but quickly found the answer in the same magazine:

“As someone who looks to journalists to be arbiters of truth, I was deeply disturbed to see the discrepancies between what was written and what was true,” Silda Wall, Vogue Magazine

As we can see, she was pretty interested in newspapers and articles about them, she could not miss an article about poor dentist. So, Silda, is this what you are all served best interest of the state and country? Did you seriously didn’t know about medicaid fraud, if not from Spitzer, but from the newspapers?

You are dishonest, disgusting old cunt who is just as miserable as your ex husband. You deserve everything he had done to you just because your reputation does not cost $7.7M and ongoing fear of being placed in jail for 25 years, as the money that later Dr. Morse had gotten could do something meaningful for the city, instead of covering your lies and he would certainly lived a better life without stress that was caused by the Monster and his ugly team.

Might the former governor be available for comment?

“No,” Silda’s publicist suddenly pipes up. “I represent him, and he’s not giving interviews.”

“And neither am I,” Silda adds, laughing. –

But what was it? If it was not an interview? Stupido…

As we see in this article, Silda deserved to be treated the way she was treated. Some kind of karma had happened to her while she was living blindly, closing her eyes at her husband’s dishonest behavior and actually continuing living with him, covering her decision by thinking as she would rather raise kids in full family, yep, telling herself that she still loved him, however it was another “proof” of her needy persona and many other lies that she lived throughout her life.