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If God created us all, why did he endow us with feelings that poison our lives? Why do we grieve, suffer, because we are completely unproductive during this period. I know that any life circumstances we can use in the name of Growth, as well as incorrectly lived States on the contrary, will lead to regression.

Grieving is a necessary process in which the acceptance of loss occurs by living through the feelings and thoughts that have arisen in connection with it. It is important to remember that grief is not a rational process, but an area of feelings. Grief cannot be understood, it can only be experienced. Having lived the process of loss correctly, you will gain new meanings and values of life.

The reasons for the avoidance of entry / exit of grief

  • emotional pain often leads to a severe desire to quickly get rid of loss fast to forget or drown
  • a sense of shame holds in the process of grief, there are deep feelings of betrayal
  • grief as a new form of love left
  • negative past experience of loss
  • adopted from other sample rate losses

The consequences of wrongly lived grief will be expressed in the prohibition of accepting new things in your life, the ban on joy and pleasure, the inability to establish relationships with others and the risk of increasing heartache in the case of secondary losses.

Signs of work in progress

  1. hardened heart. Anger, despair, bitterness, sadness, hostility;
  2. loss of the meaning of life
  3. frequent illnesses
  4. apathy / increased fussiness
  5. going to sects / pyramids
  6. social isolation
  7. getting stuck in a particular feeling (for example, baseless fears for the child)


Ask yourself, “Have I really accepted the loss as a given of life?” Allow yourself to go back and live the grief.

Forgive yourself and the deceased, accept the imperfection of life. Remember, suffering has an end. Know that you are capable of living! Trust me. The time will come when new meanings and goals will gradually come. Grieving allows you not to devalue the past, the past, yourself and life in General. There are no meaningless losses, just as there are no meaningless lives. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Watch relevant movies, such as “Fountain”, ” P.S. I love you»

Help the environment

Accept the feelings and experiences of the grieving person. Forbidden phrases time heals do not cry, you are strong keep yourself in hand he would not like to see you like this you are still young, you will find another tears of grief will not help How much you can suffer! It is necessary to listen more, to support conversations about the deceased. It is forbidden to idealize the deceased.

leave it to the grieving to choose. Do not limit his pace and do not be afraid to show sadness and joy in his presence.

Signs of past grief

  • Life is restored (in the spiritual, social, and emotional spheres) with the same content (basic values, ideas, and ideals)
  • Revived the joy of life, revived pleasure, interest
  • The remaining loved ones and life in General are valued higher
  • The breadth of one’s own soul is known, many feelings are realized. You have given yourself the right to feel and accept what is happening regardless of your desire
  • Improved relationships with others

If you or your loved ones are faced with loss, seek timely advice from a psychologist.

We recommend it: individual psychologist; online psychologist.