I recall a story of 29 years old beauty, Reeve Steenkamp.

She was a model and soon to be a lawyer. However, being a smart beauty queen does not mean choosing the right partners due to our destructive schemas. Her befriend Oscar, who was a winner of Paralympic Games killed her in 2013, saying he mistaken her with a thief.

Oscar Pistorius walks on his stumps during argument in mitigation of sentence by his defense attorney Barry Roux in the High Court in Pretoria, South Africa, Wednesday, June 15, 2016. An appeals court found Pistorius guilty of murder and not a lesser charge of culpable homicide for the shooting death of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp. (AP Photo/Alon Skuy, Pool via AP)

Right now he serves 13,5 years in jail, but tonight I want to talk about anger and where it can lead you to.

The case above demonstrates it was not a self-defence, rather it was aggressive behaviour Oscar had showed before. He could afford full time security and needs to have a gun? It only shows to me he had anger issues early on. To somehow compensate a missing part of his body, he bought a gun in order to feel better. As a psychologist, I can say that anger does not appear from zero to hundred. First, the aggressor lets himself one point more then he allowed himself previously. For example, he could curse at her if he never did, and she accepted it. Second time, he could push her and next time he takes a gun and kills. The aggressors act worse as time flies. Levels of aggression never come from “he was so nice” and then he took a gun and killed her. It’s a process. And if you still live with an aggressive one, thinking he can control his anger you are wrong, because each fight anger grows more and more and it can lead to murder.

Too many times in history, the celebrity status of a case or the killer overshadows the life of their victim. My case was no different, however justice was not served.

As I was abused multiple times by Eliot Spitzer, former NY Governor and Attorney General, I can say it from the “hands on” experience – there is nothing that stops anger.

“Assaulting you, because you were on your period, but you bitch, destroyed my life!” Eliot Spitzer.

Stay safe!