Resistance (resilience) it is also a Flexible Force that will help you in difficult times and make your life much better. The basis of many problems is the inability to overcome the hardships of life. If you feel that you have lost morale, can not cope with stress, then it is time to develop Flexible Strength. Flexible Strength will be useful to you for many tasks: to heal injuries, cope with difficulties, help in the implementation of life goals, as well as prevent childhood injuries from affecting the present.

You will react in a new way to what is happening, become a better version of yourself, choosing new thoughts, feelings and actions, the previous negative reaction to the situation will go away; just as Flexible Strength helps you use your strengths, develop weaknesses, find a new perspective on solving life’s circumstances and gain a new experience of victories.

To get up as much as to fall, like a tree that straightens up after the wind, or like a terminator that has crumbled into pieces again gathers and stands up.

Why is envy your strength? From the relationship with your parents, from the defense mechanism of your body: have your desires and aspirations been repressed? With the development of Flexible Strength, the response to triggers that lead you to a certain state changes for the better, as well as develops optimism. Understanding that you can handle any event correctly by building your behavior.

There are 2 types of stress: good and bad. Stress is like physical activity for the body: if you have been working out in the gym for too long, you will need more time to recover. Stress in everyday life, in the social sphere, our brain perceives as significant. Toxic stress affects our mental health, we become aggressive, depressed, anxious, our performance decreases, we find it difficult to realize our goals, chronic diseases and addictions appear. The development of Flexible Strength will allow you to neutralize and compensate for the effects of all of the above reactions to stress.

You should develop 5 basic skills

  1. Looking for triggers.
  2. Enabling resources.
  3. Reduce stress levels.
  4. We work with the negative. The ability to transform negativity is an important, key resource for maintaining Resilience. Without it, it is very difficult to develop this quality by external and internal resources alone. It is important to learn how to use negative energy.
  5. Entering the flow state.

Revaluation Method

Remember a conflict of medium strength, some unpleasant communication, you feel irritated, and while in this state, try to realize what is the main thing at this moment in time. What action should you take to stop this stress, based on your value?

The next time you find yourself in a conflict situation, just look around for 10 seconds, in order to fully engage in the situation in a free mode, without tension and tightness. Enter a state of awareness. Assess the level of stress and tension, ask yourself “what is the most important thing at the moment” and then What action will be optimal? Perform the action that you think is the most optimal and resource-efficient.

With this technique, you will be able to transform the negative energy of stress into a positive optimal action.

With the help of these techniques, you will be able to develop a state of Stability, develop Flexible Strength and, as a result, become stronger. You will be able to cope with everything that happens in your life, while maintaining Morale.

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